Dave Chappelle once said that San Francisco is the only city where you can see people openly smoking crack. And if you've ever spent any time in the city, especially in say the TL, then you know this is true. Comedian Marcus Tisdale decided to put that assertion to the test, pretending to casually smoke crack from a jerry-rigged water bottle pipe in Downtown SF, all while capturing people's reactions with a hidden camera. 


In the video, most people just walk by Tisdale, either not noticing or not caring, but a few stare at him, in clear disbelief. At one point, Tisdale even waves his arms around, attempting to attract attention from the cops standing just a few feet away. 

Marcus even takes his antics a bit further, venturing into a store and into a public outdoor concert, happily pretending to light up in each place. Only then was he actually told to stop. It just goes to show you that San Franciscans have seen pretty much everything, and it'll take more than some fake crack smoking to get our attention.

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