If you stuck around the city for 4th of July, how would you describe the visual display happening overhead that night?

a) If I squinted hard enough every time I heard a muffled bang, I could almost see the fog turning a bright shade of pink for a second.

b) I sat on a hill, whopping at the fog, for an hour. 

c) My neighbors spent a couple grand on (what I'm pretty sure were illegal) fireworks – thank god, otherwise I wouldn't have seen shit.

d) Thank god too for sparklers, which also burn below the fog line, and sometimes into my fingers. 

e) We had fireworks displays?

Despite some lovely photos proving people did, indeed, send fireworks shooting over the bay, I felt more of a kinship with the small, growing meme on Reddit, where San Franciscans reported in from various neighborhoods with photos of their 4th of July "views." The above shot was titled "Coit Tower reporting in for Independence Day."

I also loved this one below, which ran with the subject line "We have such great views of the fireworks from Twin Peaks every year."

Just proving, once again, that we do things our own way here in San Francisco – which, during the summer months, really just means Karl's way. 

[Via Reddit]

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