San Francisco's happiest resident, George Zisiadis, has been back in his idea lab recently, and he emailed me to say that this time he imagined some of the big World Cup matches as delicious ethnic cuisine mashups. The results below show that while our countries compete fiercely in the games, we are ultimately united with people around the world in our love of starch and carbs. 

France vs. Germany (July 4):"crepewurst" 

Belgium vs. Argentina (July 5): "mussels & fries empanada"

Netherlands vs. Costa Rica (July 5): "rice & waffle & beans"

Brazil vs. Germany (July 8): "Acarajewurst"

Netherlands vs. Argentina (July 9): "Waffle empanada"

To follow more of George's visual adventures, check out his website

All photos by George Zisiadis.

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