For years there have been individuals that I’ve seen around town who captured my imagination. This project, Drawn From the City, became an excuse to find out about their lives through interviews, documenting the cultural life-blood of the city. 


Occupation: I am the creative director of my life and aspiring professional drag performer.

Style inspiration: Androgyny. I love the contrast of feminine things worn on a masculine body. My goal is to blend out and not be a part of fashion monotony. I’m interested in make-up as an art form, it can transform you from “plain Jane to supreme Jane.”

Style icon: The fusion of Lil’ Kim and Sex and the City.  I Love that Lil’ Kim is a bold, colorful character, she speaks to my inner exhibitionist.

How long have you lived in the city? I am a San Francisco native.

What neighborhood do you live in? Tendersnob; lower snob /upper tender.

Favorite place in the city: Downtown, because it’s filled with life and it’s a place where you can be yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Check back in next Tuesday for more Drawn from the City.

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