We loved this morning's photo on Reddit of the man who BYOBS (Brought His Own BART Seat). It's just this sort of urban innovation that's keeping San Francisco the nation's capitol of creativity. 

These underground trains are more than just public transportation. To some people, they've become living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, really. Below are our top five memorable moments in BART rider history:

1) As some Reddit commenters pointed out, in the past we've had the hammock guy strung up in the train ...  

2) ...and the office chair guy who took working on his commute literally.  

But why stop at chairs, really? 

3) There's the shaving on BART guy – because sometimes you don't even have a minute to do this at home.

4) The couple having sex on BART – who doesn't want their own Risky Business moment? 

5) And an oldie but goodie – that dude who got drunk and peed on BART. 

Update: Thank you, Facebook friends, or we indeed would have forgotten the BART swing

Got something to add to this list? We welcome the things you loved and can't unsee in the comments section below. 

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Photo by Sierra Hartman