Update: The scavenger hunt has been canceled due to not having proper licensing to hold this event.

Attn: Pot heads – There's a weed scavenger hunt taking place in Oakland this Saturday. OK, well not actual pot, but vouchers that can be traded in for real marijuana. The catch? The contest is only open to 500 people, and participants must already have a valid medical marijuana card and pay ($35 + $2.92 registration fee) to take part in this hokey stunt. The organizers of Bay Area Quest Hunt will hide more than 50 cards that are worth at least $40 worth of eighths and grams of weed. According to SF Weekly, "as far as we can tell, Bay Area Quest Hunt is perfectly legal," but reporter Chris Roberts' emails and telephones calls to the organizers have gone unanswered and he wonders "what do they want?" 

I have a good guess as to what they want: your money. Unlike the Hidden Cash scavenger hunt, to which Roberts compares Bay Area Quest Hunt, you have to pay to play in this "Hidden Cache" game. If you have $35 and a marijuana card, wouldn't it be better just to spend it on a sure thing than trying to figure out clues and crawl around on your hands and knees for three hours, possibly going home empty handed?   

[Via SF Weekly; image via Thinkstock]

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