The Art City Project is bringing San Francisco some outdoor public art this summer as part of their exhibit Way Out West. The artsy project will take over outdoor advertising and put contemporary art inspired by the California coast in its place. The billboards, bus stops, and whole buses being transformed will be in the Inner Mission and feature artists with various ties to California including Apex, Chris Johanson, and Jen Stark to name a few. 

The cultural context of the Mission is purposeful and the Art City Project website notes that "the installation inventory is rich with contrast and innuendo: billboards at an abandoned gas station just blocks from multi-million dollar homes; massive posters above pawn shops, next to bars with $15 artisan cocktails; ads on the buses and bus stops that ferry San Francisco’s working class along the same routes used by private tech company shuttles." 

Whether you care for this specific art or not, it's exciting to see something inspiring and creative happening in this city where we so frequently feel a creeping artistic drought. Installations began going up July 7 and the exhibit runs through August 17, so keep your eyes and minds open. 

If you're interested in celebrating with the Art City Project, they are hosting a launch event July 17.

All images courtesy of Sandra Cifo and the Art City Project