I've always been a fan of Crossroads Trading Co., but last weekend I popped in on a whim and walked out with a impressive haul. When I got home, I hunted down each piece's original price online so I could figure out exactly how insane a deal I got. It ended up being 90% off, and two items still had tags on them. 

Chloe Grimm is the store manager at the Inner Sunset Crossroads location (perhaps you checked it out at our most recent microhood). I asked her some questions about the store and some insight when it comes to selling clothes.

Crossroads is a buy-sell-trade fashion retailer.  What does that mean exactly?

We specialize in buying and selling clothing and accessories to and from the public for either cash or trade credit. That means you can come in and a) buy clothing, b) sell your unwanted clothing for cash, or c) trade your clothing for store credit. We also offer consignment for higher-end pieces.

There’s a rumor that Crossroads is going to start buying clothes via mail. Is that true?

Yes! We just launched our mail-in bag selling option. From our website you can now request a shipping bag with pre-paid return shipping. Just fill it with the clothes you’d like to sell and send it our way!

What types of pieces are you advising sellers to bring in this time of year?

Crossroads buys clothing and accessories seasonally, so we are currently buying for summer. As we all know, SF is famous for its chilly summers, so we’re still buying items like light sweaters and jackets. We also look for current and contemporary styles that are gently used. I always encourage sellers to check out our site before coming in to sell; it has a seasonal trend guide that shows you some of styles we are looking for. 

What’s a good tip that a regular seller would give about your store?

Crossroads buys everything from high-end designer to department store brands, so don’t be afraid to bring in a wide assortment of labels!

Anything else people should know about you or the store?

Crossroads is full of treasures, so you never know what you’re going to find! We are committed to buying great clothing from our sellers, and it goes straight to the sales floor for you to enjoy.

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