Readers of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire can't help but note that the author must be an extreme food enthusiast. Martin often describes the meals at feasts and banquets as a chef would. So it's only natural that Game of Thrones superfans would create recipe blogs and throw food-related parties based on the popular books/TV show. Next week, San Francisco-based Guild of Cookery, a group of GoT-loving chefs who recreate meals from the series, will present an encore of its recent The Red Viper Feast, a seven-course dinner inspired by Prince Oberyn Martell (spoiler alert: better known as the guy who gets his eyes smooshed into his head at the end of season 4).

The Red Viper Feast will take place on Monday, July 28 in two seatings (6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., $65) at Contigo in the Castro, and will feature exotic dishes from Prince Oberyn's land of Dorne. If you're not familiar with Dornish cuisine, that means spicy, sweet, and other strong flavors that closely resemble Mediterranean food. 

The menu will include such delicacies as "Lamprey" Pie, Snake Stew with Blood Orange and Hot Peppers, and a dessert that nods to poor Oberyn's death – Sugar Skulls Filled with Plum and Cherry Custard. Those with dietary restrictions will need to sit this (and most any) GoT dinner out – I'm afraid they just aren't as accommodating to gluten-free/veg lifestyles in the Seven Kingdoms.

Costumes are encouraged – in fact, if you come dressed along the GoT theme, you'll get a free drink. Guild of Cookery has been hosting Game of Thrones-themed meals for the past year, including The Feast of Winterfell and the Feast of Meadery. Most sell out, so if this Dornish dinner sounds up your alley, get tickets now

Photo via Fanpop/HBO

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