SpoonRocket, the Bay Area meal delivery service is aiming to set a Guinness World Record for biggest citywide dinner party ever, and they need your help. Today and tomorrow, July 21 and 22nd, the Berkeley-based startup hopes to deliver more than 13,000 meals in San Francisco. To make sure they break the record, they're offering meals between the hours of 5 p.m.-9 p.m. on those days for just $1.

As per usual, the menu will feature a meat lover's entree and a vegetarian option, too, as well as a salad. On Monday, customers can choose between old-fashioned beef and garden vegetable stew or vegetable lasagna. There will also be a fresh salmon Niçoise salad. Tuesday's menu boasts oven-roasted Provençal free-range chicken with vegetables from the farmers' market (omnivore), spinach ricotta ravioli (vegetarian), and a Southwestern salad with fresh local albacore tuna (salad option seen above).

To participate in the largest dinner party ever, place your order (that includes free delivery), take a picture of your Spoonrocket meal, and post it on Facebook with #SFDinnerParty. Note, only one entree per person is allowed during the SF Dinner Party (although, you can order one meal on both days), and it's only taking place while supplies. To make sure you can participate and get your grub, you could be nice and RSVP so they can get a better idea of how many people will be participating.

Whether you care or not about helping Spoonrocket beat the record, you can't really beat a fresh, hot $1 dinner.

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