So this is pretty much my DREAM music festival: a two-day rock 'n' roll campout with awesome bands, awesome vans, and a nearby swimming hole in a GHOST TOWN owned by Jen McMillan, who runs this badass rocker t-shirt company. That's right: This Labor Day weekend (August 30-31), the Bandit Town Allnight Campout offers everything listed above in a straight-from-the-movies Wild West town near North Fork, CA that comes equipped with a ye olde style saloon. Bandit Town will host a wild weekend of food trucks, vintage vendors, campfires, a "van jams contest," (where van owners can enter to be judged on the experience of listening to a song in their ride), a motorcycle race, and other sweet stuff, including performances by:

The Fresh & Onlys 

Golden Void 

The Asteroid #4 


Dahga Bloom 


LA Witch

Zig Zags 

Ivory Deville 

Summer Twins 

Tropical Popsicle 

Death Valley Girls

Total Navajo

The festival is halfway between LA and San Francisco (about a four hour drive from here) and the lineup offers rock heavies from both ends of the state. I have to give an extra plug for Zig Zags, who put out my favorite record of 2014 – you can just smell the weed in these sweet biker jams

Tickets are only $65 a pop and include camping and parking. San Francisco, we have now been offered the best alternative to Burning Man around. Road trip anyone?!?

Images courtesy of Bandit Town Allnight Campout