San Franciscan Sarah Grossman has timed the release of her year-in-the-making, self-described “peeing accessory” for women to coincide with this year’s Outside Lands fest. Stand Up is a neon pink, glossy cardstock sidekick conceived as a secret weapon against vile Porta Potties, a foe that is hard to avoid during 10-hour days in Golden Gate Park.

Unlike those weird funnels that some misguided feminist dreamed up in the '80s, the Stand Up is more of a kite shape. It measures 4 x 4.5 inches when folded, so it’s purse-sized, and is both disposable and biodegradable. Grossman assures users that liquids slide right off the cardstock – which would be comforting if it didn’t make us picture exactly which liquids are involved here.

Grossman needs seven business days to ship an order, so hop on it now if you want to enjoy a new kind of release at Outside Lands. Prices start at $6 and there is a “Festival Pack” (three for $16).

Is this really better than the tried-and-sorta-true hovercraft method? Local ladies can be among the first to fly this kite and know for sure.

Photos by Read Me