Wondering how to get involved with The Bold Italic? If you're a great writer, storyteller, comedian, opinionated reporter, or some combination of the above, it's easy. We're looking to turn fans of the site into freelance contributors. There are some criteria, though. We want you to love The Bold Italic, even if you passionately disagree with some of the pieces we publish. We want your writing to show tons of personality. We want you to make us laugh, make us think, and make us love this city – and Oakland, Berkeley, and Los Angeles, as we cover those cities too – from fresh perspectives. And we want you to have lots of opinions (smart-ass, silly, and otherwise) about living in these cities and be able to write about them in a clear, conversational way (like you would talk to your smart, but funny and down-to-earth friend). The topics we're looking to cover are wide-ranging, from issues around housing, tech, and essential eccentrics to loving neighborhoods and all the ridiculous stuff we do in the Bay Area/Los Angeles. Bonus points if you're digital media savvy and have a strong social media presence. 

If you're interested, email us a little something about yourself along with some clips showing your personal essay/opinion/humor style and a couple sample story ideas to editorial@thebolditalic.com.