The Bay Area has been dusted in cinnamon sugar and dipped in hot oil. Leaping from the streets of the Mission and Fruitvale to the linen tablecloths of the Embarcadero and Lakeshore, there are almost 50 restaurants in San Francisco with churros on the menu, according to the “find-a-food” search feature on Menupages, which is really just the tip of the iceberg. The list includes perennially popular Vietnamese restaurant The Slanted Door, American comfort cafe Market & Rye, and new hotspots like ABV, Dirty Habit, and The Commissary.

In the East Bay, churros are an early star on the dessert menu at Oakland’s new Shakewell, a restaurant opened by two Top Chef alums. And Jenny’s Churros, an Albany-based caterer, can even bring a cart of poppin’ fresh dough to your wedding or special celebration. Screw the dainty canapés and give your guests what they really want.

Churros are 5000% more hater-proof than cupcakes (which every new trend gets compared to these days) because they’re not absurdly girly, buried in crappy fluffy frosting, or gone too soon. We’ve seen your future and it’s fried. Churros will never die. Long live churros.

Shakewell photo by Devon Miller

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