This morning SFGate called our attention to a list of the snobbiest small cities according to Movoto, a company whose tagline is "starting conversations about cities," which seems like their way of saying that they're shit stirrers and they know it. At the top of the haughty list is Palo Alto, followed by two others in the Bay Area – San Rafael (#4) and Walnut Creek (#5). Santa Rosa and Sunnyvale made the list of snobby mid size cities as well and overall, according to this list, there are a lot of snooty California cities. 

Movoto created the rankings by looking for areas with the highest median home prices and household incomes that have lots of private schools, performing arts venues, galleries, and college educated residents. They also considered how few fast food restaurants each city had. Movoto is careful to explain that they don't consider snobbiness to be bad, but isn't a snob by definition a person who looks down on, or ignores, others of lower social status? 

See if your stomping grounds are on the full list of small snob cities here and tell us what you think in the comments. 

[Via: SFGate]

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