If San Francisco’s real estate market was a movie scene, it would have to be that one from the classic Star Wars parody Spaceballs, where “Dark Helmet” sets the ship to “Ludicrous Speed.” Because things out there have gone from expensive, to ridiculous, to downright silly. Case in point: Socketsite is reporting that a 266 square foot “starter home” in Crocker Amazon just hit the market for $379,000. And judging from the photos, the term starter home can now stand in for “wooden shack ready to fall over.”

The original listing is more charitable, describing the property as a “cozy cottage” that needs some TLC. Pictures from the inside are a little better. Instead of faded wood in front of a pile of dirt (“ideal for garden lovers”) we have grimy linoleum next to a dinky stove. But hey, at least the place has a “washing machine hook up.” Not an actual machine mind you, but a place to plug it in — for almost $400,000!

I never really expected to own a home in San Francisco on a writer’s salary. But this post crushed any remaining hopes faster than Recology smashes compost.

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Via Socketsite, Image from Redfin