Dolores Park might be cut in half and full of bulldozer tracks right now, but that’s no excuse not to tear it up even further. This coming Sunday, Aug. 3,  from 1-4 p.m., there’s going to be a giant, messy game of Twister that involves paint, water balloons, squirt guns, and the kind of trash talk that actually enhances self-esteem.

Forward Motion SF, a “bucket listing group” dedicated to taking a big bite out of life, will be painting Twister circles on a giant tarp for competitors to slide around on while people on the outside bombard them with big, wet projectiles. Make sure to wear clothes you don’t mind sacrificing to the gods of wholesome good times, and go to town.

If you’re always getting annoyed by all the empty forties and packs of American Spirits that get left behind whenever big groups gather in the park, be aware that in this case, the water balloons (which you can buy on site) will be biodegradable and filled with gray water. And it’s only a suggested donation of five bucks! (No word on what the winner gets, besides glory.)

Mass Twister is a great way to recapture your innocence. Not of the time when you were seven and able to contort into upside-down poses while someone’s mom worked the spinner. More like the time when you were 15 and realized that Twister was actually very sexual, in an awkward way, so you never played it again. To hell with that – right hand on yellow, baby!

[Via: Mission Mission; photo of random messy Twister game by clintjcl via Flickr]