San Francisco's old movie theaters are amazing, with their the balcony seats and intricate ceiling art – but nothing beats the Castro Theatre and its legendary organ. I love the hoaky, campy, and sometimes downright creepy music, played live for moviegoers before the lights go down. 

NBC Bay Area reports that the Castro is losing its organ. It’s privately owned, and the owner has moved out of San Francisco. And instead of shopping around for a simple replacement, the Castro is going rogue, and is raising funds ($60,000 by August 28th) in an attempt to build its own.

Building an organ isn’t all that simple, especially when you’re looking to create “a spectacular new organ of international significance,” complete with digital capabilities, seven keyboards, and 800 stops, effectively making it the largest pipe organ in the world. 

Oh, and per the rendering, the organ will be as elaborate as a wedding cake, and feature rainbow colors, too.

While a part of me will miss the old school Wurlitzer that has held court since the ‘80s, I dig the entrepreneurial spirit and big dreams behind this massive, fabulous new organ. And I have no doubt that the Castro will maintain its classic essence, groundbreaking new instrument aside.

Learn more about the project (and donate to the organ’s Indiegogo campaign, if you are so inclined) here

Via NBC Bay Area; top photo by Eric Slatkin via Flickr