According to NBC Bay AreaSan Francisco's No. 9 Fisherman's Grotto's owners have been swamped with angry calls and emails from moms and dads who have a problem with their unfriendly kid policy. The only problem is, these parents are calling the wrong restaurant.

You may have heard the recent hubbub over Old Fisherman's Grotto's policy that discourages families from bringing in their noisy kids to eat there. The Monterey restaurant has signs saying strollers, high chairs, and booster seats aren't allowed. Kids are also banned in the dining room because "children crying or making loud noises are a distraction to other diners." These messages have pissed off a lot of parents who feel the policies are ageist, and unfortunately, they've also caused problems for the unrelated San Francisco restaurant with a similar name. 

To clarify, there is a restaurant in Fisherman's Wharf that happily welcomes kids (even if they're not completely silent) called No. 9 Fisherman's Grotto where you can totally bring your family. Fisherman's Grotto even has a kid's menu and won the Wharf Fest's chowder contest in 2013. Oh, and maybe fussy parents should read articles more closely before they go sending indignant emails.

[Via: NBC Bay Area]

Photo by Thomas Hawk