Perusing media listings last night, I came across what looked like the journalism ad to end all journalism: “Freelance Expert Bachelor Party Journalist.”

And no, unfortunately, this job posting isn’t a joke. It’s a legit position open at Thrillist Media Group, the bro lifestyle website.

“This is NOT an entry-level Bachelor Party Journalist position,” says the ad.

In other words, only journalists with real careers should apply.

Thrillist Media Group is hiring not one, but 12 freelancers whose jobs will be writing about day drinking, blow, and blowjobs. Much like weddings, there’s cash to be made in bachelor party advertising. At least, that seems to be what they are banking on.

According to the ad, responsibilities include “Pen remarkably comprehensive and knowledgeable bachelor party coverage; Have lived in the city that the bachelor party guide is targeted at for long enough to have made impressively terrible decisions there; Wearing tuxedo t-shirts in a casual and offhanded fashion; Maybe getting arrested (optional).”

Under “Required Skills/Experience” the ad lists “Ability to find transportation that lets you drink heavily while on it” and “Attended a minimum of five bachelor parties and rocked them all indubitably hard” – and presumably the ability to write sentences with similarly questionable grammar.

While a little murky on what entails a job responsibility versus a required skill, Thrillist is creating a whole vertical dedicated to Dudes Gone Wild weekends.

“Guys go on bachelor parties, but they aren’t great at planning,” Thrillist editorial director Ben Robinson told The Observer. “We are taking it a lot more seriously than you’d assume.”   

Right now they have three city-centric bachelor party guides – which include advice on everything from “who will bang you” to where to eat and how to hail a cab – for Miami, New Orleans, and Montreal.

They’ve got their eyes set on a dozen new places including the Jersey Shore, Tijuana, and Amsterdam.  Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on who you are – San Francisco didn’t make the list. But Lake Tahoe did. Bros inquire within.  

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