I had the pleasure of attending the Jay Z/Beyoncé On The Run concert in LA last Saturday night. Since the power couple is hitting the stage at AT&T Park in SF tonight and tomorrow for the final leg of their tour, I thought I'd drop some knowledge about what to expect.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

Maybe this is a goes-without-saying kinda thing for us San Franciscans, but I was amazed by the number of teeteringly high stilettos I saw marching in and out of that LA stadium scene. This concert is definitely one where you want to look good, but just remember that during the show you're going to want to dance, and afterwards you're going to have to walk for what feels like an eternity to escape the stadium. Do yourself a solid and be practical from the ankles down.

2. Know that this concert is a long haul

The show was two and a half hours long. Bey and Jay both worked hard, easily performing long enough for a full concert each. Even though my friends and I wore sensible shoes (See # 1), shit was exhausting. I'd suggest thinking ahead about your health by staying hydrated and packing a snack. This takes some common sense and preparation (which I did not do). Vodka is not enough. Get some water before you get to your seat. At the end of the show I felt like I'd survived a battle. I was hangry, without a lot of options for food/drink, and my legs were swollen for two days.

3. The rocky relationship rumors are true

Okay, okay. I don't know anything more than you do. But I will say that for me the concert really contextualized all the crap I've been reading online. My personal opinion after attending On The Run is that yes, Bey & Jay are going through something hard right now. But they also have a long and beautiful history together, and now a baby, as well as a very real love for one another, not to mention the chemistry. All of this was represented in a fully-conceived visual narrative that got real about the ups and down of love. 

4. Be prepared to face the full spectrum of humanity in the crowd

There was a moment, walking to the LA concert in a gaggle of lady-strangers, where I was truly proud to be a human being. The energy was just so good. The air was full of estrogen, generosity, and body-love. Girl, let me snap a picture of you and your girlfriends! Hell yes—y'all look so good! But the drunken, long-distance exit was another story. At the end of it all, you will most likely be slowly squeezing through a vomit-riddled isle, desperate to make your way out, while the other animals in the cage are coming unhinged from the crowd and the marathon-drinking they just did. In the first LA concert, one man even lost a finger.

5. Beyoncé's body: Damn

We already know this, but seeing that thing in action for an extended period of time was mind blowing. The woman danced so much, with what seemed like endless energy. Her moves engaged her whole body too—she is a true athlete. I mean, I was at the end of my physical rope after just watching her perform; I don't know how she can do that show night after night. She went through at least 15 elaborate costume changes, her face was #flawless the whole time, and damn. Just damn.

Image from Thinkstock