The news that some longtime San Francisco businesses and institutions are closing is depressing, and it's easy for people to share the news with friends, on Facebook, and Twitter about their impending demise, but it seems to be much harder for people to actually visit the places they care so much about before they actually close.

Back in May, announcement of plans to turn Flax into condos back got lots of people angry, sad, and nostalgic for the art supply store on Market at Valencia... that hasn't yet shut its doors. In fact, according to Howard Flax, despite even more recent news that the plans to raze Flax is moving forward, the store is not closing permanently; and it plans to move to a new location. 

But Flax is one of the lucky ones that plans to relocate. Arch, an art supply store in Potrero Hill, got an eviction notice this summer. It seems like everyday there's more and more news of art galleries, nonprofit organizations, and businesses on the verge of closure. Currently, some of those places include Cuco's (much loved Lower Haight burrito spot currently fighting eviction), Bibliohead (a bookstore on Gough that's going to be some new high-end boutique) Hayes & Kebab (moving out of its brick and mortar space on Hayes to possibly be a mobile food purveyor), and the Goodwill on Market and Van Ness (turning into condos – luckily there are more Goodwills elsewhere, but this one is so good!). But instead of just sharing the sad news and moving on as if the business were already closed, let's all take those last few days (or in some cases, weeks and months) to visit and love those establishments while we still can, and make sure the ones that are just moving to new locations are able to stick around for the long haul. 

Photo of Arch by Ian Collins via Flickr