A recent study has determined that while most texts you wish you could take back happen between 2-4 a.m. on Sundays, the most popular time for sexting is actually Tuesday mornings, from 10 a.m. to noon. While there’s no way to determine whether or not a particular sext is unsolicited or welcome, it’s still a bewildering stat. 

I can't say why the rest of the country is sexting at that time of the week, but here are 10 reasons why we San Franciscans might've sent you a sext on a Tuesday morning.

1. Wednesday is Hump Day. We don’t want to let that musculature atrophy, right?

2. Tuesday’s child is full of grace. Also, Tuesday’s clitoral tissue is engorged with vitality.

3. We gotta play it cool. We met this weekend and can't send pics of our junk to you until at least 24 hours after we met. Otherwise, we’d look creepy or desperate.

4. Tuesday between 10 and noon is street sweeping, and we need something to do before we move our car back to our favorite spot. 

5. Taco Tuesday can never be too spicy.

6. Everyone thinks we're combing through work emails during the weekly check-in with senior staff.  

7. The noon alarm on Tuesdays makes us think about disaster preparedness, which can be a real boner-shrinker – all sexting promptly grinds to a halt right then.

8. We forgot Arizmendi on Valencia is closed on Tuesdays and since we can’t have our morning carbs we need to make ourselves feel better somehow.

9. "Mom!!! Im soooooo sorry! I meant 2 Yo you I swear! FML"

10. What? Don't tell me we're the only ones who think Michael Krasny has a sexy voice.