This year's Outside Lands kicked off Friday with some unexpected sun, a blowout performance by Chromeo, lots of animal onsies (furries, anyone?), a very dedicated Kanye posse, and one girl who was apparently terrified of clowns. 

Most notable performance: Chromeo. I had never heard Chromeo before and I may not have given them a second thought had I not been at the Lands End stage at the right time. They put on a really fun show and I’ve been Youtubing the hell out of them since. I’m totally convinced that David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel are just the creative reincarnation of the Pet Shop Boys.

Strangest fashion accessory (spotted on multiple people): Cartoon animal onesies. A couple wearing matching lion and owl onesies was funny, but after the ninth or tenth Pokemon/forest animal/sock puppet get up, it started to get a little weird.

Best thing eaten/drank all day: A cup of Sierra Nevada and a Guittard Chocolands Mud Pie Cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes. Nothing hits the spot like cupcakes and beer on an unexpectedly hot afternoon.

Best band we saw before 3 p.m.: Greensky Bluegrass. There’s something special about bluegrass that I just never get tired of. The Sutro stage, set down in a shady nook of Lindley Meadow, was the perfect spot to hear this band. Maybe I just have a soft spot for beards and mandolins.

Show with the best fans: Kanye West. For better or worse, you have to admire the dedication of Kanye’s clique. In fact, even when his mid-rap, “Hold up, y’all” spurred murmurs of a Jay-Z visit that didn’t happen, they stick with him. When he starts talking about how his personal Google alert brought up articles talking about how people don’t like him, they all let out a big supportive, “Awww…” And even when he wears a rhinestone studded sock on his head through the entire performance, they still feel satisfied that they actually experienced something bigger than their cell phones held at arm’s length. Truly, Kanye fans are a stalwart bunch.

What I learned about modern festivals today: Getting wasted before 2 p.m. isn’t just for brunch anymore.

Today’s WTF: 50+ people waiting in line to eat A SUSHI BURRITO. To be fair, I haven’t actually had one myself, but for fuck’s sake people, it’s just an extra large hand roll. You could walk all the way to Clement, to any number of sushi restaurants, and get back in the time it’ll take you to get a Sushiritto.

Best overheard quotes of the day: OSL staff escorting a girl through the empty polo field after Kanye: “Look at where we are. There absolutely NO clowns anywhere around here.”

Also: Standing, exasperated, on the corner of 36th and Fulton, “I feel like nobody’s going to the W hotel. Are you going to the W hotel?”