Now that Outside Lands is behind us, let's take a look back on Sunday – for those of you who missed it (and for those of you who attended and yet still "missed it") and those of you who are wondering why it had to end.

Most notable performance: The Killers were the right way to end the festival. They sounded great and weren't afraid to pander to the fans a bit. They covered Otis Redding's "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" and CCR's "Bad Moon Rising." The band looked a little older, and frontman Brandon Flowers had a teeny weeny bit of grey hair coming in, but the band seemed genuinely happy to be performing. They were definitely the most smiley band I saw all weekend.

Strangest fashion accessory (spotted on multiple people): There were a lot of googly eye bindis on people's foreheads. I'm not sure if they all came from the same guy who ordered, like, 1,000 of them on Amazon or what, but I got a handful of them from a stranger.

Best thing eaten/drank all day: The chili cheese fries from Precita Park Cafe – I grabbed them because there was a short line at that cart, but they were good.

Best band we saw before 3 p.m.: Ok, so technically Flume went on at 3:30, but their show was bumpin' and deserves a mention – it felt like one of the fullest performances of the weekend. There were people dancing high up in the trees and on top of the Porta Potty truck. The animal onesies ( I saw a panda and a giraffe) we've been mentioning all weekend almost made sense when you saw them hanging from the trees. This show also felt like a turning point for the sunny weather, which made all the people in short shorts very happy. 

What I learned about modern festivals today: I learned that Jenny Lewis is just as delightful live as you'd expect. And that people love Spoon, who played an excellent show with lots of songs off their new album. I also learned that double fisting cell phones is a thing now, and that men get on people's shoulders too. One guy on someone's shoulders at the Killers was giving it everything he had and then some with his fist pumps and facial gestures and I respect that.

Today’s WTF: Sunday's bad WTF moment was Chvrches not playing the festival because of a mess up at the Vancouver airport. The good WTF moment was The Flaming Lips' reliably weird live show. I've seen them before and still managed to be impressed by their fun wackiness – dancing mushrooms, dancing rainbows, dancing suns, and that skintight onsie showing frontman Wayne Coyne's "muscles." Also, where can I get that tinsel coat? Oh and their cover of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" warmed my heart.

Best overheard quotes of the day: I heard "Is that guy peeing?" a lot and the answer was always yes. Our photographer Sierra also heard a cop say, "Hashtag 'all cops are pigs,' right?" after he took the guy's picture. And finally, the Killers' drummer hammed it up at the end of the night, and when the crowd finally died down he just said, "Tell your friends."

Pro tip: Never walk backwards. Never. Why were there so many people walking backwards between stages? We'll never know. 

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