For everyone going through Broad City withdrawal, there's a new city-ladies-and-their-shenanigans show premiering today that's SF specific. SanFranLand is an award winning series launching on YouTube that follows a transplant and her two friends as they "say yes" to everything SF has to offer.

Here's the trailer:


Based on the above, the show seems to cover the bigger, more obvious aspects of life in SF: costumes, juicing, parking tickets, and taking in the GLORIOUS BEAUTY from a hilltop, but I hope they also touch on the subtler parts of San Francisco, like:

Stepping out of a Lyft and thinking your foot is caught in a plastic bag, only to find it's a dead pigeon. (Been there–there was a feather stuck on my shoe for days).

The financial perils of developing a taste for only REALLY NICE olive oil.

Getting stuck in an 18-minute "conversation" with your neighbor about invasive plant species, and

laughing at tourists trying to take photos in front of a completely fogged over Golden Gate Bridge.

It's worth giving the show a chance if only because seeing SF on screen (even a computer screen) is always so fun.

There's a launch party tonight at Monarch starting at 7p.m. where they will screen the entire season. Tickets are free but RSVP for them here.

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