When most of us go bar-hopping, we stay within the confines of a single neighborhood. But really, San Francisco is small enough that traveling a few blocks to another neighborhood for your next drink isn't a huge feat, and if you're not too wasted, you could probably traverse multiple neighborhoods in one night. If that sounds fun to you, one group challenges you to join them and get tipsy in four SF neighborhoods within four hours, using Muni as your means of transport.

The San Francisco Transit Riders Union – a rider-based nonprofit group dedicated to improving the quality of the city's public transportation – is hosting PUBlic Transit CRAWL. From 5 to 9 p.m. this Thursday, August 14, participants will start a boozy tour of SF, starting in Civic Center at Mrs. Smith. They'll then take Muni every hour on the hour, until they end at Yancy's Saloon in the Inner Sunset. A $40 ticket gets you a year-long membership to SFTRU and four drink tickets. 

Now, I'm not going to be your mom here or anything, but if you participate, you might want to consider only drinking one drink at each bar (two, if you're a big person). I'm all about drunk people using public transit and not driving, biking, or walking (have you ever walked next to a drunk person before – no fun), but I'm also a little weary about totally sloshed people on bumpy, lurching buses, which can even make a non-inebriated person feel a little barfy. Check yourself before you wretch yourself. Also, if you use a drink ticket, please tip your bartender as if it were cash, and don't forget your Clipper Card!

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