I don’t think there’s anyone who isn’t devastated about the death of Robin Williams. Whether he knew it or not, he impacted the world and touched so many people who watched him act. Many of us in the Bay Area are in mourning for our beloved local comedian and are looking for ways to celebrate his life and works. Some of us are screening his movies with friends at our homes, but if you want to be with a whole room of other fans while you watch, this Saturday, FunCheapSF is hosting a Robin Williams Mini Film Festival honoring the late actor. 

Taking place at the Soma StrEat Food Park, the fest pays homage to the comedic genius with three of his well-known classics: Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage, and Good Morning Vietnam. Beginning at noon, fans can indulge in these favorites as they are played back-to-back for nearly seven hours. The festival culminates in the airing of his final HBO stand up comedy special, Weapons of Self Destruction

Pay your last respects to a man who brought so much laughter to people for more than four decades. Admission (and popcorn) is free, so bring a blanket and a box of tissues, and settle in for a touching, yet heartbreaking tribute to a talented soul.

Schedule (give or take 20 minutes):

Noon: Mrs. Doubtfire

2:15 p.m.: The Birdcage

4:30 p.m: Good Morning, Vietnam

6:45p.m.: HBO Special – Weapons of Self Destruction

Films and times are subject to change, but check the Facebook event page for updates.