Everyone felt pretty shook-up this week when we heard the news about Robin Williams' death, especially San Franciscans. Not only was he in some of our favorite movies throughout our childhood, he was our hometown celebrity. 

Some of us were lucky enough to meet him, maybe even know him, but even if we didn't, all of us felt like we, as a city, had lost someone really special this week. 

We'll always have San Francisco memories of Mr. Williams through watching Mrs. Doubtfire, but we realized so many of his other iconic characters could've fit in just as seamlessly here, too. So, here's our San Francisco tribute to you, O Captain, Our Captain. May you rest in peace.

Patch Adams at UCSF Children's Hospital; photo by Frank Farm

Bicentennial Man at Fisherman's Wharf; photo by Vincent Samaco

The Genie at the Panhandle for Bay to Breakers; photo by Team at Carnval.com

Jumanji's Alan Parrish in Golden Gate Park; photo by Brocken Inaglory

Mork in the Castro; photo by Russavia

Ramon from Happy Feet at the California Academy of Sciences; photo by Don DeBold

Teddy Roosevelt from Night at the Museum at the California Academy of Sciences; photo by Sierra Hartman

Top image of Peter from Hook at Dolores Park by Alan Cordova