Valleywag reported an unexpected consequence of the ride sharing economy: people are getting into random drivers' cars assuming they're an Uber or Lyft. Apparently, enough people are doing it that Valleywag was able to collect six different Tweets from people who've experienced randos getting into their vehicles. My favorite, from @KasibShah: "Someone just got in my car thinking I was her uber.... I said no bitch this is my car.... Like she got in and got comfortable."  

I guess the trend is not too surprising, especially since there are more so many rideshare drivers on the road these days, and more Lyft drivers are removing the iconic pink furry 'stache off their front bumpers. Adding onto that, people are not so good at paying attention to details (even – or especially – when the details are on the phones that are always on and attached to us). And yeah, I bet a lot of those embarrassing faux pas involved alcohol, too. 

Has anyone in San Francisco experienced a random ride share user getting into your car?   

[Via: Valleywag; image via Thinkstock]

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