Have you ever experienced that awkward first date when you realize that not everyone is down with vaping skunk at a candlelit dinner?

If so, then 420Singles might be the dating site for you. Consisting of over 22,000, pro-pot members, this free site is the newest place for cannabis lovers to meet. 

The latest in niche dating destinations is the brainchild of Mill Valley's Ryan Moxon (aka The Muffin Man), according to the Marin Independent Journal. The paper reports that while working security for the film industry in Los Angeles, the 28-year-old decided to create a place where people who’d rather fire up than drink up could find each other.

420Singles makes it easy to sign up, and asks important questions other dating sites don’t: Do You Believe In Ghosts? How Much Do you Blaze? Indica or Sativa? There’s also a place to blog about all things weed-related, from edible recipes to medical marijuana research. And you can even ‘wink’ at members you want to flirt with, toke with, or eat a pint of Three Twins with. For a $5/month upgrade, you can also search by zip code (members are spread around the country), send messages, and see who has viewed your profile (the free version allows you to chat and leave comments on someone's profile).

This Friday, August 22, 420Singles is hosting a music event at the Sausalito Seahorse restaurant, where 420-friendly members can meet each other at 9 p.m. You might even find that certain someone who enjoys long walks on the beach. And gravity bongs.

[Via Marin Independent Journal, Photo from 420Singles]

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