For years there have been individuals that I’ve seen around town who captured my imagination. This project, Drawn From the City, became an excuse to find out about their lives through interviews, documenting the cultural life-blood of the city.


When did you move to San Francisco? I moved here in ‘98 to be closer to my family. Most of them moved to the Bay Area in the early '8os and into the early '90s. I also wanted to escape what I felt was the small-town mentality of Denver.

What is your favorite San Francisco moment? One of my favorite moments was when I met my husband and was finally convinced of love at first sight, then later getting married in Golden Gate Park. Another great moment was the time a lovely meter maid had the tow truck lower and unhook my car instead of letting them tow it. She gave me a citation for $75 and I gave her a hug.

What do you love most about San Francisco? I love the diversity of SF, and the feeling of belonging that I've always had here. I enjoy the big little city feel here, coupled with a strong sense of community I've never felt living elsewhere.

What is your favorite place in the city? The Dover Club because it feels like home, I met my husband there. It creates a community in a neighborhood bar; it can be friendly and quiet or raucous. Even being sober I still love it.

What is your occupation? I’m a Jill of all trades, slave to none. I'm very passionate about making things and sharing my skills and experience with others. Specifically, I teach and mentor SF youth. The best work I do is with Turning Heads, a nonprofit organization that focuses on sewing and entrepreneurship for at risk youth. Turning Heads incubates a youth-run business called Sweet Dreams and the members of Sweet Dreams make and sell products to many local vendors.

What is your style inspiration? I have always loved costuming and clothes. Being sober helps me dress better. I’m a fashion chameleon, when you change your outfit you can change who you are that day. My best friend Rachel, who I describe as a neon goth girl, inspires me. I always dress nice to see her.

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