Got Polaroids that were taken in SF? Polaroid SF wants to include them in their design for a 400 pound Hearts In SF sculpture. Their design will include hundreds of different people's Polaroids and according to their Tumblr, "It doesn’t matter if they’re new or old, good or bad, we want them all. There’s a lot of heart for us to cover!" If you're interested in sharing your pics, email and they will tell you where to send them.

Please note that the project is only looking for actual instant film with white backgrounds and photos must have been taken within SF city limits to be considered. Also, no "questionable content" will be accepted so save the nudes for something else. Polaroid SF will continue collecting photos until September 5 and the finished heart will be unveiled in December. There's even a chance the Polaroid Heart could be installed in Union Square for tourists to take selfies in front of. All of the hearts are auctioned off and proceeds go to SF General Hospital.

Top photo by Johan Blomström