The Bold Italic has been staunchly dedicated to covering all things Bay Area. And now that more and more San Franciscans are migrating south (while we have so many Angelenos living here), we've decided to experiment with expanding our intermittent coverage of LA to make it more of a regular thing. This means we're looking for pieces comparing/involving both cities as well as content that focus solely on life as an Angeleno.

More on the LA content to come, but for now, we're seeking awesome LA visual artists (photographers, videographers, illustrators, designers, art directors etc.) with ideas for projects that speak to the 'inside jokes' of living in Los Angeles. We're not looking for contributors to shoot or illustrate on-assignment, but rather people who are thirsty for a (paying) outlet like TBI that they can pitch all their incredible ideas to. Below are some more details for what we're looking for.

Photographers/Art Directors

We tend to pass on anything that's too straightforward, like covering a new restaurant, street style, or profiles of individuals. Instead, we're looking for photographers/art directors with conceptual ideas, even if they need some support in the execution. 

Tip: we're always looking for new themes to apply to our "Do's, Don'ts, and Oh God Please Don'ts" series. (Like this and this), so if you have LA-centric ideas for that, send them over! Other successful pitches usually fall under one of the below categories:


Rare Look


Photo Cliches with a Twist


Again, we're not looking for illustrators to just illustrate an editorial story. Instead, I'd love to hear ideas for flowcharts, maps, comics, infographics, or additions to our made-up charts series.


Yeah LA filmmakers! We're always down for a cool time-lapse project or something along those lines, but funny videos work best on our site. Examples:

If you have ideas for projects you'd like to collaborate with us on (and yes, we pay), or if you have finished projects that seem like a good fit for us to publish, email a list of pitches and a link to your portfolio to