A lot of people assume that tech workers make bank, but have you ever wondered exactly how much we're really talking about? SFGate reports that commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle  has compiled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that helps shed some light on the wages of people working in tech. In 2013, the average wages of high-tech workers in SF was $156,518, which includes the value of stock options and other employee perks like meals. Interestingly, the average high-tech wages south of our fair city in San Mateo County were $291,497 (the highest average in the US). 

The 2013 averages for other cities were $125,555 in Manhattan, $143,597 in Seattle-Bellevue, and $81,520 in Detroit. San Francisco's average might not seem that much higher than some of these other cities but it did have the highest wage growth (almost 19%) from 2012 to 2013 and SFGate says the reason is not Twitter's IPO, but demand for skilled workers. Averages in a numbers game like this one can get wonky because these figures include stock options, and they can also be skewed by people like founders profiting immensely when they do cash in their stocks, but overall they give a fuzzy idea of tech workers' wages. 

 [Via: SFGate]

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