There’s another bucket challenge making its way across the internet, and Bay Area, this one concerns you. After this Sunday's Napa Valley 6.1 earthquake, the strongest to hit the Bay in 25 years, we’re all more than a little shook up. But a couple of North Bay residents are hoping to relieve some of the fear and tension from the rumbler by inviting others to take part in the Wine Bucket Challenge.


Taking a cue from the ALS challenge that has since gone viral, the Wine Bucket Challenge replaces ice water with vino from bottles that were damaged in the quake. Its creators, DJ Rotten Robbie and Eric Oesterle, explain on the Youtube page that it's more about getting a few laughs more than anything else, but they've also Tweeted their challenge to celebrities, asking others to partake to raise earthquake awareness and donate to funds for those affected by the Napa disaster.

So far, the only video I could find of anyone completing the challenge is the one posted by its creators, but should you feel inspired, make sure to tag your video #winebucketchallenge.  

[Via: SF Weekly/KRON4]