According to Variety, Warner Bros. Television is toying with the idea of a Full House revival. It appears that John Stamos is leading the cause (sources say he has an ownership stake in the show) with help from the OG series creator and executive producer, and TV Guide says most of the cast is down for the cause. Although Variety claims, "a revival of the ’90s ratings darling is in the early stages of development," any asshole who has seen Entourage knows that lots of things that get going never get finished, so for now I'm still skeptical. Sure, it worked out for Boy Meets World and Jesse and the Rippers did play a weird reunion show on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but fans have been been burned by Stamos before. The "star" teased a Full House movie in 2009 that has yet to be released and I won't let John Stamos break my heart again.

[Via: Variety, TV Guide, and SFist]

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