The Bay Area's own Marilyn Hartman (no relation) has been making headlines this week following her most recent attempt to board an airplane without a ticket. Considering the multiple layers of pain-in-the-ass security passengers endure these days at just about every airport on the planet, it seems unbelievable that someone would even try something like this. Nevertheless, she has been at this since March and has been detained 10 times at different airports.

As if that weren't shocking enough, we've recently discovered that Mrs. Hartman's shenanigans are in fact far more extensive than anyone had previously known. Apparently airlines are just her more recent targets of infiltration. Check out these exclusive photos we found that show the elusive sneaker in a number of hard-to-get-to spots.

Moon landing photo via: Wikimedia CommonsState Bird Provisions photo via: CityFoodsters.comTitanic photo via: IMDBBeyJay VMA photo via: NY PostGoogle Bus photo by: Chris Martin