Not ready to leave the Playa behind? Keep the burn going at home, in your car, or at the office with the exclusive Playa Decompression Kit! These carefully designed items will help you ease back into life in the real world. In keeping with the spirit of Burning Man, no money will be accepted for this kit. Instead, leave your offerings in the comment section below.

16 oz. of Genuine Certified Playa Dust!

Is your Subaru starting to look a little too clean? Spruce it up with a fine layer of alkaline dust! For a more immersive experience, sprinkle Playa dust in front of a hair dryer pointed at your face.

Grade A Non-Toxic Glow Sticks!

If you find the tungsten and fluorescent bulbs suddenly dull and lifeless, just dangle a couple of these bad boys around your house to add a little color to your night life.

Fuzzy Sparkle Fur!

Let's face it, the real world is sorely lacking in synthetic neon fur. This 1'x5' length of finely crafted muppet skin will help bridge the gap. Drape it over your office chair! Wrap your pillow in it! Cut it up and line your cubicle! Stroke tenderly to bring back fond Black Rock memories.

Art Car Conversion Kit!

Your Prius already looks kind of like a fish anyway so why not give it some fins? Add some ornamentation to your grocery wagon and make yourself a personalized art car. For a more authentic feel, take your creation for a spin on La Playa Street between Fulton and Balboa. Just remember to keep your speed under 5 MPH. You're welcome, other drivers!


In the days following your exodus from the playa, you may find yourself going through pyrotechnic withdrawals. This pair of slow burning sparklers will help ease you back into a less fiery world.

Mini Desktop Bonfire Set!

When The Man burns and you're left with nothing but a 365 day countdown until the next epic bonfire, it's understandable to feel a certain void. With this set of 30 hand crafted bamboo sticks, you can fill that burning need anywhere, anytime. Make yourself a Mini Man on your lunch break and light him up in the smoking lounge! Want to come down a little slower? Just burn one at a time! The options are limitless.