It’s common knowledge that the two widest lanes of the Information Superhighway have been designated for the fast lane enjoyment of two pastimes: porn and cats. And although the occasional cute overload interloper or celebrity leak might trend for a hashtagged moment, let’s be honest, it all comes back to those smitten with kittens. 

I Know Where Your Cat Lives was created by Owen Mundy (an assistant professor of art at Florida State University) offering a single feature: displaying the location of felines from all across the world, logarithmically located by pinpointing the longitude and latitude of geotagged images from photo sharing sites like Twitpic, Flickr, and Instagram. Think of the site like Google Maps, but with millions of fastidiously clean whiskered inhabitants displayed across zoom-able maps in place of businesses and residences. 

Angelenos might be particularly proud (or ashamed) to discover Los Angeles not only ranks amongst the top 10 in the world statistically when it comes to public displays of feline worship via shared photos – 8th, behind Paris, and just a cat’s whisker ahead of Rome – but we also rank second in all of California, only behind San Diego. High concentrations of felines can be found all across greater Los Angeles, but most specifically in Hollywood, Museum Row, Downtown, and amusingly, in Dogtown (Venice). The Valley seems to have gone to the dogs with some sad single and double digit pockets dotting the map.

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Images from I Know Where Your Cat Lives