When actor/comedian Robin Williams died last month, some people grieved by placing flowers at the Mrs. Doubtfire house. Others went with a group standing ovation. Local artist Jason Mecier chose to channel his feelings about Williams’ death through art … candy art.

Mecier is an artist famous for making celebrity mosaics out of food (guess what his Kevin Bacon portrait is made of?). For his Williams portrait he used Red Vines, black licorice, gum balls, jelly beans, Tic-Tacs, gum drops, Gummy Bears, Sixlets, Mike and Ike's, Hot Tamales, and other candies. Some of his portraits take as long as two months to painstakingly complete, but Mecier said he made this one in about 30 hours.

"I've always wanted to do a portrait of him combining all of his most popular roles," he explained. "Unfortunately, now was the time to do it.”

The portrait, priced at $1,500, is an homage to Williams in some of his most iconic roles. Rainbow candies bedeck his famous Mork suspenders and his Mrs. Doubtfire mask is topped jauntily with his Patch Adams clown nose. The background is a Jelly Bellied Flubber green.

Mecier’s work, which uses a range of objects for various collages, can be seen in full on his kitch-tastic website and posters are available for purchase. All of his portraits, like Williams' himself, are the perfect mix of art and silliness. 

 Thanks for the art, Jason and nanu nanu!

Artwork courtesy of Jason Mecier