Frequenters of sports games, festivals, tech conferences, mega-concerts, or last call are familiar with this scenario: you exit the venue amid a throng of people, pull up your transportation app of choice, and invariably come up empty. You refresh about ten more times before a lone driver heeds the call for an unbelievable surge-priced premium. So what do you end up doing nine times out of ten? You walk five blocks away and pray you can hail a cab. Damn near every time.

The thing is, taxi cabs have somehow become the smart traveler’s little secret in these times of under-insured, chatty, candy-dish transportation options, and taxi drivers require more than just a pulse and a Prius to get you from A to B safely. Enter Flywheel, the perfect intersection of your favorite on-demand transportation apps and the reliability, low cost, and professional guarantee you get with a cab.

Flywheel allows you to hail a cab via their map-based app. You can get picked up immediately, or if you live in San Francisco, you can book your ride to San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland airports in advance so you arrive on time for your flight.

Best of all, you get a GPS lock on your taxi so you can watch it approach. With an average pickup time of three minutes, you won’t be waiting long, even when the Giants win the series or the Pride Parade reaches fever pitch.

No more awkwardly getting into the wrong car, no more surge pricing because your driver needs an incentive to do their “job,” no more self-appointed rates or half-hour wait times because your driver is at the other end of the city but charges a dollar less than the next guy.

And even though your ride is a cab, there’s no need to stick your arm out, standing halfway out in the street, praying that maybe “this one” will be empty. Hailing, tracking, paying, and tipping are all done on your phone, sparing you the awkwardness of a driver staring you down as you rifle through your wallet and ask for “four … no, three … no, two bucks back, please!” Change your mind and decide to walk? Go ahead and cancel within two minutes of booking; for no charge, it’ll be your little secret.

Flywheel solves the problems of both traditional cabs and the Wild West of unregulated transportation services.

Best of all (and I know this is the real reason you’re going to download the app), Flywheel is giving out $10 credits with the promo code PREBOOK10, which stays on your account even if you don’t use the full amount (unlike a few “use toward your first ride” credits we’ve seen before). Next time you need to schedule a cab to the airport in advance or want to avoid a surge-pricing battlefield, get home quickly, and skip the unnecessary plastic water bottles and “How long have you been living here?” questions, just pop open Flywheel and get home safe.