This week, the internet yet again hammered home that humanity can be a huge dick by "leaking" (aka: tenaciously hunting down, stealing, and then proudly publicly posting) nude photos of multiple female celebrities. While the situation has sparked essays and conversations on consent, privacy, and a concerning lack of iCloud security, almost no attention has gone to the real scandal: these leaked Snood photos of Jennifer Lawrence. 

In the NSFW* photos, a disembodied Lawrence can be seen preparing to violently blast three or more adjacent identical Snoods, causing them to disappear completely. Dear God, Jennifer, THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

*NSFW because if your boss walks by and thinks you're playing a hit 1996 computer game, so help you.

This disturbing photo of Aubrey Plaza was leaked shortly after the original pics appeared online:

Various other famous women appear in the incriminating photos, including Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst. Lawrence has yet to comment on whether or not the pictures are real or not, but just look at them! They look pretty real to me. Plus, the idea that some sicko would Photoshop (with impossible skill) such depraved images is difficult to fathom.

UPDATE: An anonymous hacker claims that he has up to 60 additional photos, spanning from "child" to "evil" levels of the game. While every adult woman has the right to take nude photos, without shame, and expect that they will be kept private if she chooses is a no-brainer, to defile the collective nostalgia of an outdated computer game is appalling.