We miss you Joan. 

It’s only been a few minutes since we learned that you left us, peacefully and surrounded by your loved ones after being taken off of life support. 

We console ourselves that you had a big life. You spent the better part of 81 years making us laugh. You were a piece of work, a loud mouth broad who talked loudly in an era where women were taught to be silent. 

Lenny Bruce was right, they were all wrong.

You refused to quit even when the going got tough, and you weathered all the ups and downs with humor, aplomb, and a killer wardrobe. 

Recently someone taught you how to use Youtube and Instagram and you showed all of us that you still had it, and you had it good. You helped start a movement in comedy and every woman who follows in your bawdy footsteps has a slightly easier time because you helped paved the way.

We hope you’re at peace, and we know somewhere you’re fashion policing the angels. (White after labor day? Puhleese! Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean your style has to be!)

Image from Thinkstock