The university sold its license for the radio frequency 90.3 FM to a classical station  owned by the University of Southern California, sent armed guards to the station, locked the DJs out of a collection of records they’d spent decades building, and wiped its hands of the situation. Supposedly there’s a plan for KUSF to hobble along online, but at this point those efforts are laughable

KUSF has an impressive 34-year-old history of volunteer-run programming. Through its regular shows and Sunday spotlights, the DJs seamlessly connected San Francisco to a larger, international music spectrum. Testimonials to the station’s importance as a curatorial force have been posted to the Save KUSF Facebook page over the last month.  

I’ve been addicted to KUSF since first moving here in ’96. I’m one of those nerds who listened online at work all day during the week and to the radio at nights and on weekends. I feel strongly that USF can’t just wipe out this amazing cultural resource.  

So although the press has been far from quiet on KUSF’s struggles, I want to put the faces of the DJs fighting for the station’s survival before music lovers once again. Support the station at whatever level works for you: Check out the Do It Yourself section for details.


KUSF show(s): 
In The Soul Kitchen (2000–present); Treasures Untold (1984–2000)

Styles of music you play:
All styles of soul/funk, blues, New Orleans R&B/funk/Mardi Gras/Indian music; jazz from hard bop to the future; ska/roots reggae, Latin, African, and select world music 

Number of hours you estimate you've put into your shows over the years:
Almost 5,000 hours  (2 hours minimum of prep time per show x 2 hours on the air x 45 shows minimum per year x 27 years = 4,860) 

What you love most about KUSF: 
The diversity of the music plus the passion and knowledge both DJs and other program producers/hosts bring to their shows.    


KUSF show(s):  
Sleeves on Hearts 

Styles of music you play: Connecting the dots throughout the musical map 

Number of hours you estimate you've put into your shows over the years: Countless!   

What you love most
about KUSF:
The diversity of programming, the community it fosters, the spirit and soul it’s filled with.    


KUSF show(s):
Hot Wax Wednesday  
Styles of music you play:
Tender drones, far-out soul, disco heat, Stereolab, and Neil Young 

Number of hours you estimate you've put into your shows over the years: 2,333 

What you love most
about KUSF:
That it can transmit in my beautiful hometown of San Francisco; its 34-year history of commitment to audio anarchy and free-form freedom; its wild bunch of dedicated and talented DJs.     



KUSF show(s):  
The Mixed Bag 

Styles of music you play
Funk, punk, rock, and soul 

Number of hours you estimate you've put into your shows over the years: 10–15 hours a week 

What you love most about KUSF: Being on air, working with like-minded people, learning about local music, rediscovering old music, going to shows for free, networking, and just working with the local music community copresenting shows and working at those shows.    


KUSF show(s):  
The Stereo Steve Show/KUSF Guest DJ Hour 

Styles of music you play:  
Free-form mix of rock, jazz, electronic, indie, punk, metal, new wave, psychedelic, funk 

Number of hours you estimate you've put into your shows over the years: Over 9,000!!! 

What you love most about KUSF: The opportunity to foist my odd vision of how different types of music fit together upon an enthusiastic and open-minded audience, and being part of a local community that was bigger than the sum of its parts, that's what made KUSF special for me.


KUSF show(s):  

Classical Salon (a show playing mostly classical music that is not aired on commercial radio stations). 

Francofun (new music from France, Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland, and other francophone countries plus cultural news). 

Guitar Journeys (instrumental guitar show of all styles of classical, jazz, blues, finger style). 

Havaye Tazeh, a cultural Persian show (new music from Iran).     

Number of hours you estimate you've put into your shows over the years: I have produced and hosted close to 800 shows. I would say I put at least one hour per each hour of the show, so at least 800 hours; 1,200 would probably be more like it. 

What you love most
about KUSF:
To just list a few things, what I loved most was that it had content that you couldn't easily hear on any other station; that it was more a community radio station than a college station; that it was casual and none of the hosts sounded like commercial stations, and you could make mistakes and it didn't bother anybody; that it represented our diverse community with a great diverse programming; and that it promoted all the bands and musicians that nobody aired; and many other things... 


KUSF show(s):
Tuesdays, noon to 3 p.m.   

Styles of music you play:
Garage, punk, and trash    

Number of hours you estimate you've put into your shows over the years: 5,000+  

What you love most
about KUSF:
The spontaneity. Being independent, free-form, and noncommercial allows for the most interesting segues,  combinations, and mistakes. KUSF always sounds more real than commercial radio. 



There are a number of ways you can step up and support KUSF. Like its   Save KUSF Facebook page; post video and photo testimonials there.   Donate to KUSF to help retain lawyers to fight the sale of 90.3 FM all the way to the FCC. Send a complaint  about the sale of KUSF to USF Assistant Dean of Social Sciences Michael Bloch. Attend Save KUSF events, which are happening on a regular basis at this point.