St. Julien

credit: McStacer

Rhea St. Julien was absolutely certain she would grow up to be a Fly Girl, but had to rethink her life goals when In Living Color was cancelled in 1994. Since then, she’s carved a conciliatory life out of being a San Francisco-based freelance writer. Her recent publications include pieces on MUTHA, Cinapse, and on her blog, Thirty Threadbare Mercies.

Rhea is fond of copping to mistakes about her personal identity whenever they come to her consciousness. She always thought her theme song would be something morose and self-deprecating like a tune from The Smiths, but recently realized, whilst in dance class, that it’s actually J.Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud.”

You can start a lasting e-friendship with her by following her on Twitter, where she's known as @rheabette.

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