credit: Photo by Mariah Gardner

David Franklin moved to San Francisco from Oregon in 1992 for two reasons: to avoid the wet and dreary weather of his native Oregon and to ride a skateboard. Guess which one of those worked out. From his early days hunting down crashed Japanese Zeros as a barefoot missionary kid in Papua New Guinea (true story) comes the readiness for any good Indiana Jones-style adventure. Running around in the country, starting campfires (and the occasional backyard burner), getting lost and finding point A, riding bikes and motor bikes, being in, on or generally around a body of water all make Franklin a happy man. Other joys involve working on old cars, taking photographs, making things out of wood and pretending to be a sophisticated urbanite, knowing a little about a lot of things, but not a lot about much.

One of these days he’ll get around to finishing the next installment of Underskatement film festival---and, yeah, he still skates.

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