Sandra grew up in the old ass village of Tocinoville, Spain. While all the other kids were learning to play soccer, she was busy playing with her father's Russian made Zenit camera. As a result, Sandra is quite bad at soccer, but loves to watch it and scream out names to the opponent team. Her delightful accent and duotone hairdo are immediately disarming to all who find themselves in front of her camera. Sandra is drawn to wrinkly old storytellers and beautiful young nymphs all the same. Not satisfied with simply taking great photos, she volunteers her time and talent to a number of charitable organizations around the world. Sandra imbues every situation with a saucy sort of energy and her photos are representations of this. If you've heard the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words", it's kind of like that, except instead of words, it's paella and sangria.

Sandra's Stories