Apartment hunting in San Francisco sucks. As it gets more and more difficult to find housing within the 7x7, people are looking to surrounding cities for more inventory, cheaper rent, bigger spaces, and pet friendlier landlords. Unfortunately for bargain hunters, rental prices across the bay are on the rise, but there are still areas that are a lot more affordable – at least for now. And amenities that are often only found outside of SF, like being able to live within an entire single family home, having your own parking space, and a backyard for Fido, are enticing some to seek greener pastures outside of San Francisco.

With the help of Lovely, we compared the rental market in nearby cities in all directions of San Francisco, taking note of the number of available rentals, average prices of studio to two bedroom apartments, pet friendliness, and time on market. For those of you who are looking to move, we hope this guide will give you a sense of whether it's worth staying in SF, or if there's a better place for you in the bay. 

Whatever you decide, good luck!