Every time I get sick of living above a loud restaurant, or tired of stepping around Haight Street mystery chunks (poop or puke?) and I consider moving a little further away from the madness, I realize I'm not going anywhere in this housing market. Not until things calm down, at least.

My coworker Max brought in this flier from RentSFNow, where the prices are very telling when it comes to current real estate madness in this city. A studio in Hayes Valley, Duboce Triangle, Downtown, and other listed neighborhoods, runs from $2,295-$2,795. One bedrooms go from $2,695 to close to five grand. And then there's the $14,000 apartment (furnished, for those who find buying furniture a burden) in Russian Hill.

Of course, if your car is looking for a place to crash, it can sleep in a garage for a couple hundred bucks a month.

Update: One of my friends just messaged me that the mirror image of her one bedroom apartment is being advertised here as a (renovated) two bedroom with a $3500 increase in rent.